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Make a check out to FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF NORRIS and send it to…

First Baptist Church Norris,
PO Box 130,
Norris, SC 29667

Put in the memo line the words “BALTIMORE CHURCH PLANTING” and send the check with a small note saying that this is for the O’Donalds church planting ministry in Baltimore. In 2022 FBC Norris will continue to be the source of the O’Donalds' salary. So, giving to “Baltimore Church Planting at FBC Norris” is immensely helpful this year. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


During the Holiday season, our church is trying to bring glory to God by doing a few things that you may want to get involved with financially:

  • We are trying to get donors to sponsor about a dozen families to whom we we minister, by helping them with some of the gift giving and holiday festivities that they do for Christmas. These families have great financial strain, and any help will help them this holiday season as our church seeks to get involved in their lives to help them find hope, healing and salvation in King Jesus. $2500-3000 is the total amount that represents this need. We interview these families to find their need, then we go to the donors, and finally we get these gifts to them, all the while helping them and pointing them to the healing in Jesus Christ.
  • At The Gates Church we are located deep in an isolated neighborhood in Baltimore City called Armistead Gardens. Check out our location... 1400 Horners Lane. We like to say no one ever gets to us by accident. We are trying to have a sizable amount of lights on displayed outside at our church. Our goal is to create a holiday haven for our neighborhood of about 1500 homes as we minster to our neighborhood, and possibly pull outsiders in to see our Christmas lights so that they would become familiar with our church. We could use any extra help as we invest in the lights and pay our power bill. $600 may be about what we spend on this project.
  • We further have a vision to created a park atmosphere on our property of over 6 acres. We have a need for some maintenance to current equipment and new equipment for this project. We would love to place some landscaping, benches, and exercise stations on the property. We are trying to raise about $2,300 to help us get toward these goals.

For various projects, we ask you to give directly to The Gates Church in Baltimore. If you would like to be involved in specific projects that we are doing in Baltimore to lead people to Jesus and increase the church, you may want to give directly to our growing church. There are three ways you can give.

  1. Send a check to “The Gates Church.”

You can make your check out to “The Gates Church,” and mail it to

800 Platinum Ave.
Essex, MD 21221

2. Give online to “The Gates Church.”

You can give online to our church ministry. There is a small fee that is charged. The link that will guide you through a process to give online is…

3. Our church has a PayPal account that you can use to give also. Below is the link for our PayPal giving.

Thank you for considering giving to our ministry. Below is our latest partner letter.

ODonald Letter Oct 2022