What is “About 5000” all about?
All the gospels of the of the new testament record the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000. Jesus miraculously shows that he is The Son of God who cares and is able to save us in every way.

our church is trying to feed about 5000 people this year to show that Christ is able to save and cares for those who feel forgotten. We are doing this by food distributions, food deliveries, free community cookouts, and perhaps through other avenues. Here are a few ways you can help us.

Join us!
we are a church that passionately follows Jesus and wants to make a difference in our community in Baltimore. Our city and county is a beautiful place with many challenges and God is calling us to bring hope, help, and healing in the name of king Jesus during this challenging time that we live in.

There is a place for you! We meet at 1400 Horners Ln. at 11am and 6pm on Sundays. You need to come and see what the Lord is doing!

Help us!
“About 5000” means that we will be giving away thousands of dollars of food this year and any contribution that you give will go to help those efforts.

We are not just trying to hand out meals, we’re trying to connect with people who need community, hope and healing that God can give them through our ministry.

You can support The Gates Church by giving online at this link the gates church giving page

Thank you!