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July 29th Our Need for Jesus Matthew 9:9-12

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June 17 Building Community based on a solid foundation
Barry Hammons

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This week we learned that God has called us to be community builders. The concept of the New Testament church is that Jesus has died on the cross for a group of people who come together as the kingdom community. Church is not like a family; it is a family, but it takes work by each one of us to build the community of Christ.

On the 29th we were reminded that God is a communicator. Has he spoken to you? How has he spoken to you? We dive into the scripture because we believe this is the way that God most clearly gives us the truth we need to live our life and know our God. Take some time this week to reflect on the reality that God has spoken and spend some time speaking to this speaking God.

As we begin this exciting journey to see the birth of the early church, we pray that God will empower us to start this ministry. Jesus starts the church with people just like us, as he calls us to follow him, get to work, trust the Holy Spirit, and witness to others about what the Lord is doing in our life.

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The gospel is designed so that we would know him through the power of the resurrection. The most unbelievable aspect of the gospel is that he rose from the dead to never die again. The most unbelievable aspect of the gospel is the most important aspect to believe. We receive power and salvation when we personally receive the truth of the resurrection though our individual faith in Christ.

It’s time to join what God is doing in the world. Jesus rose from the dead, and that makes a huge difference in our life. The resurrection of Jesus shows that we move forward in his name with certain victory. Luke 24 is a journey that will convince us of the resurrection of Jesus.

On April 1st, we gathered to talk about the foolishness of the cross. The Scripture makes an admittance both to the unique nature of the gospel message that is power to those who believe, and the foolish nature of this message to those who do not believe in the death, resurrection, and assention of Jesus. Will you believe, join, and embrace the glorious, available, and weak message of the one who became king by roman execution?

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Will you be a “Martha” who is too busy to allow the Lord Jesus to teach her or will you be a “Mary” who sits at the feet of Jesus to submissively learn from the Savior? This story is placed right after the love God, love your neighbor and the story of the good Samaritan passages to show us that the only way we will ever really love God’s way is after we sit at the feet of Jesus.

God has called us to love him and others. Let’s make every day a day to love God and neighbors biblically, because God has shown us such great love in giving his son to us. Jesus sacrificially loved us by dying on the cross for our sins. Now let us glorify God by sacrificially loving others.

God consistently has required that all humans love their neighbor as they love themselves (Lev. 19:18; Mk 12:31; Rom. 13:10; James 2:8. The big point of the parable of the good Samaritan is that we have not obeyed the Lord by lavishly loving our neighbor. We are selective about who we love, and we do not consistently show compassion to others.