Our church is passionate about getting people to know Jesus. "Evangelism" is a word that means we want to get the good news of Jesus to people around us. Our church exist to equip people to show others how to become followers of Jesus. This page helps us access three stages of helping others meet Jesus.

ONE: Who will I help meet Jesus?

TWO: How do I tell them about Jesus?

THREE: How do I continue to help them follow Jesus?

These are three great questions for each person to wrestle with, as they serve the lord as an minister reconnecting people to God in Jesus 2 Cor. 5:18.

Most of this is taken from the No Place Left organization. Check out their youtube page here.

Who does God want me to share with?

I. Think about people in your first, second, and third places. These would be people that you have proximity to like neighbors, co-workers, and people on your bowling team. First place is where you live, second place is where you work and third place is where you play or do fun things you do.

II. Think of people you are close to in relationships. Some times we call this category "Framily." These are your friends and family. Studies show that people we are close to are the ones who most often make life changing decisions for Christ.

III. Pray for them and the people around them. Draw it out on an oikos map...

How do I share the message of Jesus.

I. Find a Bridge to a spiritual conversation. Christian athletes, Biblical themes, Christian names, or struggles. Talk about things that begin to move the conversation to Spiritual things.

II. Have some questions that could start a Jesus conversation or transition your conversation toward the gospel.
- What do you think about Jesus?
- If you died what would you heaven are the reasons you should live there forever.
- Has anyone shared the gospel with you before?
What do you think is the main message of the Bible.

III. Share your Story. What was your life like before Christ and how has Christ changed you. We favor the 15 second testimony. It goes like this... "There was a time in my life where I was __________ and __________ I meet Jesus and he ___________ me and now I am __________ and ____________ , Do you have a story like that?

IV. Share the gospel! include the doctrine of creation, sin, salvation in Jesus, and response. The Three Circles tool is a great way to share the gospel. Check out the youtube video below from the no place left youtube channel.

How do I continue to disciple those who come to Christ?

I. Call new followers of Jesus to follow the Lord in Baptism.

II. Gather with them... bring them to worship, life group, and use our life on life resources. Get help from others.

III. Begin to help them find who is next in their oikos map. And with this new follower start all this process over in them.

Our church is all about gathering people in the name of Jesus to change our world. This is how life on life leads to church growth.