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We have an exciting new training program that will help our members and insiders better lead themselves as they closely follow Jesus, become mentors that help others walk with the Lord, and lead ministries in our church

Gospel Mentor Class at TGC Leadership Training Details 

This four-month program is to train leaders and future leaders about how to be disciple-making mentor ninjas who will influence others as they gather others for discipleship, goal setting, spiritual growth and healthy kingdom living. Our church is seeking to be mentors to many in a world that needs spiritual direction. 

This GM class is a helpful first step in becoming... 

  • A contributing member of our church and influential spiritual force in our community. 
  • A gospel mentor in our World Changer Mentoring program. 
  • Being a leader of a ministry team or life group leader. 
  • Becoming a deacon of the church. 
  • Becoming an elder or pastor. 

The Process 

  1. Grow in understanding of gospel, kingdom, and biblical truth.  
  2. Identify and understand errors, false truths and false living. 
  3. Lead myself in living a disciplined life. 
  4. Lead others to Jesus like Jesus. 

The Books for the class 

Each month we will read a book together in a class context that correlates to these steps. These are great books to keep as resources. 

1. Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem christian beliefs on amazon 

2. A Field Guide on False Teachings by Ligonier Ministries field guide on amazon 

3. Habits of Grace by David Mathis habits of grace amazon 

4. Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman Master plan of evangelism at amazon 

The Classes 

We will have eight 90-minute class gatherings where we discuss the reading. We plan to hold these on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 9:30 of February - May. These class gatherings will emphasize class discussion, with some lecture, as we process the things we are learning about mentoring and making disciples for the kingdom. A quick overview of the 8 classes: 

  • Feb. 3rd 9:30AM Introduction to the class, and how we know things are true 
  • Feb. 17th 9:30AM Basic teachings of Christianity and how to share them 
  • March 2nd 9:30AM How to identify and deal with false teachings as we walk with people in the faith 
  • March 16th 9:30AM How to defend the truth of Christianity 
  • April 6th 9:30AM How to lead oneself so that we can lead others 
  • April 20th 9:30AM Talking through healthy growth patterns and how to help others grow spiritually 
  • May 4th 9:30AM The study of Jesus’ ministry and how we can do it 
  • May 18th 9:30AM Best practices with mentoring and disciple making 

These classes will be very practical and even assist you as you will find someone to mentor and/or disciple for the duration of the class. Each time we will give reading assignments with the four books and other assignments and projects, which you will have 2 weeks to complete.

If interested in this class respond below to our short questionnaire application. fill out all the places and hit submit